Customer service

It is also one of our strengths. We follow your case seriously and do anything we could do in order to repair and eventually ensure the manufacturer's responsibility if you are within your rights. Jérôme and Cédric will be your main interlocutors and will be happy to give you any advices.



We have two workshops open all year long. Repairs are done without any appointment, within an average of 48 hours, if we have all the necessary parts in our stocks. Our mechanics are regularly trained in new technologies and are able to solve electrical problems such as maintenance of grandmother bikes. Estimates are free, do not hesitate to ask any price in store, by emails, Facebook or phone. Franck, the workshop manager now has over 15 years of experience and rare are the problems which he can not solve. Meticulous, precise, and extremely skilled Frank and Tony will only bring you satisfaction !

Export sales

Export sales

We master perfectly export sales and particularly on Dom Tom, Republic of Cote d’Ivoire, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, South Korea, Lebanon, Singapore who are our most regular customers.
Enjoy discounted products (after negotiation), plus 20% of tax refund. We can manage also transportation by post service, air or sea freight.

We can also secure your refund by Global Refund service - up to 13% recoverable - on website and store, if you prefer to enjoy your Paris vacation to visit us.

You can easily contact us at We will be pleased to answer your questions.

Let us introduce our team

  • Blaise

    Host and sales service, always jovial, the room driver.

  • Florian

    Host and sales service, very friendly, it has a preference for the MTB world

  • Hervé

    He supervises workshops, 15 years experienced, what else ?

  • Tony

    Mechanician, quiet and applied, he is the perfect element for our team and will soon as the talent of Franck

  • Jean-Paul

    Called Attila the eagle founder, comes regularly to feel the atmosphere, collect dividends and shows that he is not dead yet. He is still very useful for mainly and administrative tasks.

  • Cédric

    Manager, he takes the blows, when employees make mistakes, but (Thank God!) it is very rare.


More than 30 000 products, over 500 brands !

Our company can meet all your needs:
ENDURO, DH, cross country, THRIATLON, CHRONO, RACE, CYCLOSPORT, CYCLING, city, VAE, child, BMX, fitness, travel, utility.
Do not hesitate to contact us to benefit from our advices.